I-140 RFE at TSC -60 days past


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I-140 submitted March 27,2007.

Received 140RFE for ability to pay.
Response submitted on October 26, 2007 to TSC. Online status says prcoessing resumed and LUD is 11/06/2007.

After that no further updates.

I requested lawyer to submit an inquiry to USCIS on first week of January 2008.
According to lawyer, since TSC processing date for I-140 is June 21,2007 they will not accept any inquiry for my case. My case is still within the processing dates and they can not make a service request until it is outside the processing dates.

Please let me know if you had similar experiences in the past and what finally happened? Does a delay like this mean a rejection?


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Lawyer submitted an inquiry on 1/14/2008. No updates received as yet and it is 3/23/2008 today.
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how long it will take ?

I am also in the same boat , my RFE has past 60 days, even my lawyer has got no response for my case status
I have question , How long it will take after submitting the evidence . I have received RFE on Jan 15 and submitted 03/25/2008 and I have seen LUD 03/27/2008 .

How long they will take time to decide the case?

Appriciate if you can reply me.


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Addtional Infor on RFE

I had submitted RFE evedience on Aug 30th 2007, got any email today about addtional information on RFE.
Has any one received RFE on an existing RFE


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I too received an email today from CRIS indicating that an RFE was issued for my case. Looking at the blogs, it appears like most of the RFE's are regarding ability to pay. Those who received this particular RFE, are they working for a small sized company ?


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My lawyers says, looks like they have re-issued the same RFE as they have lost the evidence, and the officer handling the case is also different
140 case status no change from 6 months

I Filed my 140 in apr 2007 got rfe in nov 15 jan 10 replied the rfe there is no status update in the uscis still its saying

"we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the requested information. This case will be in suspense until we receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires"

My hr called and put sr in mar one time and there is no responce

Any ideas what to do ?


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My I-140 was denied because of RFE. Later I-485 was also denied. I was using EAD. We never received RFE. I filed 290 B (MTR) in July 1st week. My check was cashed in July 14. But I never received any response from TSC. How long will it take to get response from TSC regarding I-290 B? Please respond me. I am worried about my EAD because it is expiring with 2 months. Anyone suggestion would be highly appreciated.