I-140 my Receipt number does not match my name


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I am mentioning my case and query below. I would appreciate if anybody can help and guide me with quick replies & answers..
My I-140 was approved in February 2001 from my previous company A.
I recently checked in USCIS web site and it still shows my I-140 in approved status.
I have my I-140 Receipt notice with me but not the I-140 approval notice.

I am currently working in India with company B.
My current company B is ready to process my green card and wants a copy my Original I-140 approval notice for using the priority date (PD).

My previous company A no longer exist.
I recently contacted FOIA online and created a request to get a copy of my approved I-140. I attached the following documents with the request
1.A scanned copy of my I-140 Receipt notice (Form I-797C)
The FOIA responded by saying that my receipt number does not match with my name hence they cannot send me the file.
I am very surprised and confused because my I-140 Receipt notice(Form I-797C) has my name in the Beneficiary column. I am not able to understand what they(FOIA) mean by saying " my receipt number and name does not match".
Is it possible that my I-140 was transferred to some other person by my previous company A?
I would appreciate if anyone here can answer my query and help/guide me in getting a copy of my I140 approval notice at the earliest.