I-140 filing in 6th year of H1B visa and H1B visa extensoion


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Hi All,

I am currently in the last year of My H1B Visa expiring in september 2011. We filed I-140 this year in January throguh texas service center. still not received any response. I was checkign the processing time and found it can takes more than 6 months. I have couple of questions here for experts who can please guide me and advise what are my options in case if I-140 approved, not approved.

(1) for any reason if i get I-140 query and not approved can i still apply for H1B visa extension?

(2) What is the Premium processing time for H1B Visa extension?

(3) If i transfer I-140 processing to premium and still get any ref ...how fast USICS can act on ref response ..

(4) should i wait till june and if not heard any thing then move the file to premium processing?

I am really nervous now. please experts advise on your expertise.