I-140 approved and change of employment


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I have some questions, could you please advise.
I have got 140 approved, and I completed 4 years now in US on my H1B.
My current H1B is valid till Nov 2016, If I change my Employer

1. Using the current approved I 140, can I apply for another 3 yrs of extension (since I completed 4 yrs out of my 6 yrs quota, only 2 yrs left).
2. My new Employer, when apply for PERM should he be apply with similar requirement of my previous Employer's PERM? or it can be totally new requirement and designations
(but suits my Previous Job duties and responsibility), will this be a problem?
Also the wages and other details specified in this new PERM should be more or equal to previous PERM or it can be less or it doesn't matter with both the PERM's?
3. In case my current Employer doesn't cancel I 140 and I continue work with another Employer,
Using this I 140, can my H1B extendable after 3 yrs also? (in case my new Employer doesn't initiate the GC)
4. If my PD become current, I have valid I 140 with my previous Employer.
Is that mandatory to apply for I 485 (EAD)?
5. If I apply for H4-EAD, till it get approved I should be with my current Employer or can I change my Job?
6. If H4-EAD is approved and I changed my Employer, will that be valid?
a. If Yes, if my Current Employer cancel my I 140, then H4-EAD will be valid?
b. Can H4-EAD will be extended, if my current Employer cancel I 140 and new Employer's I 140 is not yet approved, but I am on valid H1B status.

Thanks and Regards