I-140 applied on Dec 29, 2004 waiting for Receipt


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What is EB3 retrogression? Could any one explain it a bit. I am almost in the same catagory. My papers were recd by VSC on the 28th Dec as per the FedEx tracker, but my lawyer has not recd the receipt yet.


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any body waiting for receipt with application date as jan 10th

njgc007 said:
We have received the receipts for all the applications today from the lawyer...The receipt date is Jan 20th 2005. VSC received all the application on 30th Dec 2004.

Is there anyone who received the receipt nos for 140/485/AP/EAD applied on jan 10th 2005 . if so please let me know that gives me an idea of when i will get mine.

your reply is greatly appreciated.


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Vermont Filed date December 27 2004

Hi guys,
I have filedmy 486, 765, 140 and 131 on December 27 2004 and i received a receipt notice state that December 27 2004.
I did not receive my EAD yet and i have received finger print notice on April 7 2005.
I went to local office to get my interim EAD because it is more than 90 days but they informed me that my 765, 140 and 131 cases are on hold so they can not issue EAD.

Please inform me any body same as this case.



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Hi Mr.Raja,

Could you please look into your Private Message.. i sent a message...I don't know what is happening about my case....


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Case on Hold

My case (EAD, Parole, 140 and 485) is filed from VSC Dec 28 ND Jan 7th with labor substitution. The immigration officer told me that my case has been put on hold. If you find a way to get more information on why the cases are put on hold please reply.