I-140 appeal success rate??


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I recieved an RFE on my I-140 application in Nov 2007 (i-140 filed in Nov 2006) on the basis of three year degree issue (Bachelors of Commerce(3 yr), India. MBA (2 yrs) India and 5+yrs of IT experience).
Answered the RFE but my 140
application got denied in April 2008. My Labour certfication application says Job Requirement is Bachelors Degee + 5 Yrs of experience
(the term EQUIVALENT not mentioned).
My attorney filed for an appeal in the AAO office in Jun 2008 alongwith my degree evaluation being done from Trustforte Inc. Waiting for the AAO decision.

What do u think are the chances of my case getting approved?Anyone got i-140 approved after the appeal?? Any help /suggestions is highly appreciated.