I-140 and I-485 Average Process Duration


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The reports will be updated weekly. Why stressing yourself to spend time trying to search where your status will be? Go to trackitt.com and update your status!

Below is the website where I got my information to create the attached reports. Please join and enter your I-140 and I-485 cases. The more applicants entering there status will help us get the accurate numbers. The best tracker in town! Highly recommended!


Please let me know if you like it because I do. Thanks.



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Please update the website.

There are some issues with trackitt that need to be resolved.
1) It does not give you a complete picture.
-- People do provide their case detail in the beginning but many don't update the same after their approval.
---- There should be an automated email to remind all users who have entered their information to update the same, if there is any update.
----- The way to query the database should be more flexible. Maybe providing a selection screen where one can choose / query the database on various input parameters and can make analysis.


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another problem with trackit, is the split beteeen I-485 that are filed alone and those filed concurrently with I-140. trackitt insists that these are separate.

Once your I-140 is approved, there is no difference between these I-485, yet there is no link between them in the database.


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Concurrent Application I-140/I-485 Average Duration

The information on the attached file is updated as of 2/20/2007 from trackitt.com. Please check the specification listed on top part of the first page.

Thank you.

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