I 140 Ability to pay - -Please help


I joined the company on March 1 ,2012 and the company applied for Greencard labour on July 10 ,2012 with Greencard Proffered wage:62,379 $

Greencard Labour was approved in September2012, and the company applied for I140 in premium processing with my pay stub for period August 1 - August 31
with year to date earnings of 48,000$ and company 2011 tax returns

We recieved a RFE on I140 for ability to pay for this my company is planning to submit the following docs

All my paystubs,Bank statements from march to October 2012

Company Bank statements from July to till date

with my latest paystub for October ,I have year to date earnings of 69,000$ ( from March to October)

when calculated from July 2012 ( date Gc labour was filed) to October 2012 my year to date earnings would be only 41,000$

Would USCIS consider the proferred wages paid from July 2012 or would they consider from March 2012 since I was already working with the company and have the YTD earnings of 69,000$

Thank you