Hi! My wife resides inAtlanta, I stay in Mumbai INDIA. She plans to apply for my green card(I-130). Does she have to apply from Mumbai American Consulate or can she apply in the USA when I arrive there on a b1/b2 visa? Also she is a resident of Atlanta so when in Los Angeles do we have to apply to Atlanta Service Center or will LA sevice center do?


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If your wife lives in Atlanta, she should apply to the INS Texas Service Center in Mesquite, TX or possibly at the Atlanta INS office (if they take 130 apps). If she lives in LA then she should apply to the INS California Service Center in Laguna Niguel, CA.

She MUST apply to the service center that has jurisdiction over her area of residence. As long she has all the supporting documents, she can apply whenever. Dont have to wait for you to come here.