I-130 got Stuck In CSC. Anyone else?


I was looking for any recent information about my case and haven't found what was I looking for.
I'm sure a lot of people have the same question.

Maybe someone knows how to find the answer.

So, I have filled i-130 for F2A (Spouse of LPR) in February. PD is 02.02.2017. (7 months ago).
Average Processing time usually 4-6 months. So I was patiently waiting.
And I wouldn't create this thread unless one problem.

Every month I check Processing dates in all Service centers. And all centers except California (Where my case is) have movement in dates each month. Some of the centers have dates like late January. So, my case could be approved in those centers.

But California got stuck on Aug 23, 2016. They haven't changed this date for 5-6 months.
3 months ago I called USCIS toll free number and they told "5-6 more months".
I called them last week and still "5-6 months". They are useless (oh what a "surprise").

I think what if contact senator, governor, ombudsmen, info pass. Just to request information.

So, I'm trying to find any information what happened, why it happened and what to expect.
I understand, probably no one knows that for sure, but if someone knows at least something, please let us know.

If you have filled between August 2016 and the present time, and you have any updates for your I-130 I would appreciate you to share your experience.
Why does it matter, since the wait for visa numbers in F2A is around 2 years anyway?
After Petition approval, they will definitely ask for additional documents.
I usually a very "lucky" person. So if there are any issues I'd be glad to resolve them as fast as possible and wait for visa numbers.

Anyway, as I stated above, if I could see that process goes normally then I would calmly wait for any updates. But when I see that something wrong, I start to worry.
I'm not looking for any way how to expedite. Thousands of people are in the same boat and my case is not the special one.

But if they could give any updates, what's going on I would sleep well knowing that.
In case if someone looking for this info, I received an approval last week. It was Sep 29 2018. My PD Feb 02 2017. 1 Year 8 Months. 20 months in total. It takes 18 to 23 months total.