I-129 and I-539 status query

My employer is indicating they will file an I-129 to extend my TN and also help me out with filing I-539 concurrently for wife and kids with all these border restrictions in place. Once all these restrictions are lifted in the near future, hopefully, what scenario are we in if we have to leave the country prior to either I-129/I-539 being approved? I can't find any info on this or maybe I'm asking the wrong question! Would I get confirmation numbers indicating that either are in process and would this satisfy a border agent?


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The I-129 is safe, but leaving US for any reason kills I-539 process. They would have to reapply for TDs if your new TN is approved and their E+TDs have expired. If your TN isn't yet approved, you will have to get TN at border.
Thank you nelsona,

Reading other posts, I'm kind of reluctant to head to the border even though I work as an "Essential Employee" for a "Critical Manufacturer".

Is it correct to assume we still have the automatic 240-day grace period if we file for both I-129 and I-539 simultaneously? When you say "E+TDs", what is the "E" you refer too? Thanks so much for the feedback, I certainly have a greater understanding of all this from yourself and other folks on this forum too.