Hunted by J1 history, will I get denied by I-485

I was aupair 7 years ago. got a 2-year restriction on my visa but not on DS2019. It was left empty. I changed my status to student visa afterward (went back to China to switch my status), then, I went abck to U.S for school for 6 years. Now I got married and waiting for my I-485 approved. During the I-485 interview, the officer brought up about the 2-year restriction. I told her it was Aupair and should not be included in restriction. The Aupair agency called "AuPair in America". The interviewing officer said that she will ask her co-worker and let us know. It has been 8 months after the interview, I heard nothing from it. Should I be concerned ? will I get denied on my green card application>?


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When immigration officers interview, many have been reviewing applicants' entire visa/immigration history in recent years. They'd look over the J1 restriction and probably the 6 years on student status, which seems fairly lengthy. If they suspect anything, they will take however long it is to resolve their suspicions. You will eventually hear from USCIS, but no one could tell how long it'll be or how it'd be adjudicated.
I got recently denied on my cases due to a USCIS Administrative Errors. Yesterday they officially reopen the case. My question now is how long are they going to give me the final decision regarding my I485?
The other person's case was assigned to this officer?
No idea, the officer just said they mistake me as the other person with the same name...

But now since my case is reopened. How long before USCIS made the final decision?

Today on my USCIS account, they updated on Next Step: "We will mail our decision to you. The notice will explain any action you need to take. "

Any similar experience or ideas?