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Discussion in 'V Visas' started by v_wind, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. v_wind

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    I'm a legal permanent resident. After marriage, what is the quicketst way to get
    my spouse, who is an Indian citizen, into the US? I've tried the F1 and H1 path,
    but they've not worked out. I'm looking for a temporary visa for my spouse
    before I find other alternatives. Pl help.

  2. bht01

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    I am also in the same path. Can you tell me what happened when you tried for F1 and H1?
  3. harish99

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    H1 could be issued without any problem with right documents but F1 could be hard since F1 is non-immigrant visa which contradicts immigration intents being her husband as PR holder.
  4. DJ1

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    Only fastest way is that you become US citizen.I am also facing this problem from last 3 years.As it take 6-7 years to get spouse into US based on your PR status.
  5. puttsardarande

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    the best way out

    the best way out is to follow this and get this bill passed. Any other way is going to be pretty painful and probabaly not fully legal, so contact your congressmen and senators NOW!!! it should not take more than a little attention to pass this sort of bill, but ACT NOW!!!

    This is an email to ask for your support in uniting families of Legal Permanent Residents in the USA.

    a) Are you a green card holder waiting for your spouse and minor children to join you while their green card petition is pending?

    b) Are you a green card holder and not yet married? Planning to marry soon, someone outside the USA?

    c) Are you in the late stages of your green card process and afraid that it will be approved before you marry?

    If so, please join us in resolving the issue of family separation.

    We are from, a group of Legal Permanent Residents (Green card holders) and waiting for our spouses and minor children to join us.

    So what shall we do next? We have to raise awareness among Senators, Representatives, Journalists and other media, urging them to support us by introducing and passing a bill for family reunification (the V-visa).

    Requesting to support the bill called HR 1823. Is this possible? Yes it is. We have made a lot of progress in the last three months and we are going to achieve this. We are fighting for a fundamental right of American society.

    Thank you for your time. Please take your time spread this news to support unification of families.

  6. elmz

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    Yes, I support this


    V-Visa is gone for years, for the people with green cards in the future, who are supposed to have the same right as citizen, they are not secondary people in US, because they are doing great jobs in US, they deserve the same rights for there family memebers to.

    From US history, immigrants have ever been contributing enormous to US, US goverment is expected to respects these people and their families for the sack of their great work too.

    EL MZ
  7. zone911

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    I've been waiting for 4 years for my wife. We have some hope since Democrats have the majority in Congress. Although, Congress doesn't pass anything unless there are bigger interest behind the issue or something they need to do in-order to get re-elected.
  8. me@immigration

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    Hi V Wind,
    Any updates on your case? Please update on how u figured this out....

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