How to get old approval notice of Visitor visa extention?


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My parents visited US in Mar 1st 97. Their i-94 expiry date was Aug 31 97. I applied for extention in last week of July and got a receipt with in two weeks. They left US in the last week of Sep 97. They stayed here almost 7 months. I don't remember receiving the approval for extention. Since they already left I did not worry about it at that time.

Now they are planning to visit again. I already sent documents required to them. When they shown to Travel agent, he said that extention approval letter is required otherwise they might reject it. Today I checked the web regarding the status of application (after almost 6 years), it says it has been approved. Now I have few question,

1> If they send application for Visa, do I need to attach the copy approval notice or receipt notice and web page print out of status apporval is enough?

2>If it is mandotory, From which USCIS office I canget it.?(My extention was applied in LA, CA) and how long it might take?

3>Even if they give visa in India without approval notice, will there be any problem when they land here?

Since I am planning to bring them by the end of Jan, Your clarification is highly appreciated.