How to get copy of ETA 750A and 750B in LC


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Hi guys

Does these forms ETA750Aand B usually are kept at the lawyerrs office or the employer has it.?My employer says there are with lawyer.( Maybe that's an excuse)

is there any other way to get a copy of the ETA 750A and B in LC apart from the lawyer or employer Ex: through Fremdom of Information Act etc.. This would be great help because i am planning to use AC21 and i want to make sure i have all the info about LC.



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did you request your lawyer to sent you the copy.

you can get it based on FOIA also but it takes around 8-12 weeks. depending on your situation you may try this option.

as of now best is to request your lawyer.

if your lawyer is not cooperating then you may join another company provided your i140 is approved and your i485 is pending for more than 180 days. once you join new employer then use another good lawyer and file the required form to change the lawyer representing your case with bcis. In the meantime that new lawyer will "formally" request it from your old lawyer or employer. they cannot deny giving that information when another lawyer as started representing your case. once you receive it you can safely notify bcis about your intend to use ac21. Play safe.


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1 Federal DOL will NOT give you the copy of ETA750A and ETA750B under FOIA, DOL can only send the records if BCIS asks them.
2 The lawyer who filed the LC he receives the complete LC package or approved LC, then sends the original certified LC with I-140 to BCIS and keeps the copy of approved LC with him. Many employers don’t ask the lawyer to send them copy of approved LC to be kept in your file with HR. your employer can get the copy of complete approved LC copy from lawyer. Many lawyer don’t provide the approved copy to employee, you should request your employer to get the copy of LC from lawyer and then they can provide you the complete approved LC (federal DOL approval at top+ ETA750A+ETA750B) if your employer calls up the lawyer to go you the LC copy that will be fine because this LC belongs to employer and he has to request the lawyer
3 under FOIA you can get the copy of LC from BCIS if your I-140 has been filed if the LC is still with Lawyer and I-140 not filed ask your employer to get it from lawyer


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ginnu - abt DOL not providing ETA 750s...

Hi ginnu,

Could u share the source of this information, that the Regional DOL would not provide copies of ETA 750s under FOIA? I am not doubting ur info, but got conflicting answers from DOL (why am I not surprised ;)). I called local and regional DOL a couple of weeks ago (chicago), and they seemed to be pretty cooperative. In summary, they provided the following info:

1. Local DOL - The FOIA supervisor gave me the Job Code and Title over the phone, by looking up my name and employer name on some system. She said they did not have the salary etc information in that system, but may be she was just getting sick of me :D

2. Regional DOL - The FOIA Director said she cannot provide approval notice but can provide everything else in the file, including ETA 750 A/B filed by employer. Said she may black out a few items, but I should definitely be able to get Job code, title, salary, prevailing wage and job desc. Told me to send a signed letter to her, and she would respond in 2-4 weeks.

I have sent the letter this week. Will keep the board posted on its outcome.


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Get a copy of ETA750Aand 750B

Hi ginnu

I did file I140 and I485/I765/I131 but not concurrently.
so how do i get ETA 750A and 750B from BCIS under FOIA Act
i mean is there a website or phone no??



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got the info

Don't bother to answer my previous post i found the required info on BCIS web site.

I am gonna try to get the info from Boston DOL and NH State labour. If i am not in successfull then i am gonna try to the BCIS.

It is form G-639. It says you can file it at local BCIS which Boston in my case or Vermont Service center.

which one do you guys suggest i am thinking vermont but boston office may be faster..

thanks for replies especially to ginnu and atlantabhopali



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FOIA through INS & RFE for i485

I am in same problem.

Recently i have talked to new lawyer whom i am going to represent in future. he said it is possible to get ETA 750A/750B
from INS. He is going to file FOIA.

He is charging 300$ for that. He is very co operative.
He is from Atlanta.

One question is Even though if we change attorney,
& if we new attorney goes formally, will Old attorney still provide our document. He can say these all belong to company.
I am in doubt.

I am talking abt if we get RFE(on i 485) from INS to old old attorney even though we filed G28 to represent new attorney. Sometime INS still send RFE to old attorney

plz give ur views in the case of RFE