How to apply for AOS (I-485) - What other forms to fill out?


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I have my employment based visa petition (I-140) approved .. I am filing my AOS (I-485) .. what forms I have to fill along with I-485.. by reading the instruction, I understood that I also need to fill form G-325A. A colleague of mine says that G-325A is "optional" !! but I will need to file the following forms along with I-485:

I-131, I-693, and I-765

What is needed and what is optional? I am a bit confused Do I need to fill any or all the above? .. these seem to be lots of forms to fill for all family members (wife and 2 kids) .. Thanks


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G325A is not optional. Every family member needs a separate set of forms and fees. Medical examination by a USCIS designated doctor is also required for every applicant.

Expect to spend around 5000 dollars (4K for fees, 1K for medical exams for 4 applicants)