How To:: Apply EAD on your own


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fast_gc_seeker said:
Check the attached document for an address to send your 485/AP/EAD applications.
Now, on september 29, I had my car stollen with my EAD3 inside. I got the car back, but I lost my document. On Jul 28, 2005 the doc. made on the approval of the case was mailed direct to me from USCIS Vermont. My 485 is in Boston District Office since Jun 24, 2004. I went there in person and they told me that my envelope that was transfered from Vermont after preliminary approval was just opened in Mar 13, 2005 and was taking about 6 to 8 months to be sending me a letter for the GC interview. I need the EAD card with me for that. Ok, right now is 7.5 mo and I`m supost to receive the letter on the next few days. If I do so, and I apply for another EAD in Vermont, it will take another 60 mor 90 days for me to get the card. Too bad.
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