How much time to get emergency advance parole?


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My I-485 was applied 6 months ago and I still haven't received my EAD , AP or even a request for a biometrics appointment. I have a valid H1B. If there is an emergency in India can I travel outside of the country with a valid H1B and not lose my pending I-485 status and green card application. Or do I absolutely need a AP to leave the country maintain my green card status? I was wondering if I have to travel to India for an emergency how much time does it usually take to apply and get an emergency advance parole?


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You can re-enter on H-1B as long as you are with same H-1B employer without having the need to have approved advance parole in hand prior to travel.


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You will not be able to re-enter on H1b if you have been in India in the previous 14 days unless you qualify for one of the exceptions