How much info does the canadian immigration need on 5669 form?


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My wife who is filipino is going through the process of getting her "permanent residency" card from Canadian immigration. Although she really doesn't need it.

I, an American citizen have petitioned (I-130) for her to come to live with me in the USA.

Although I do not plan on moving/living to Canada she says I still need to complete their 5669 (background check) form because I am her spouse

On the 5669 form it asked for credentials, schooling, affiliations, etc.

I left off info on my real estate license number, general contractor license and my mechanical engineering certificate, mainly because they are not asking for license numbers, social security number, drivers license number , etc. So I figured, if they don't know about it, then fine. It seems they are just visually sizing me up or something because they are lacking enough info to make it difficult to check on licensing, education, etc.

Now my wife is pissed cause I was not being candid with them on the 5669 form.

Did I screw this up?

Thank you for feedback