how many chances do we can get visa in Australia?

I am 25y old.
I been working as nurse/with elderly near 3 years; got NVQ in level 2 in Health and social care; got diploma in patient hygiene; got diploma working with elderly who got dementia and I just applied for 26 weeks NVQ level 3 in "health and social care". But I DONT have bachelor degree in nursing so I am not registered nurse. In "skilled immigration list" there are Registered nurse (Elderly care); - but I am more like simple elderly carer.

I was interesting to start bachelor degree in nursing,- but it will take me 3 years and I don't want wait so long to Australia. I know I may the best go with student visa and get part time job while studying,- but costs for Australian universities are very high.

I got one Bachelor degree but it is not relevant ( Business management).

My husband is 40 y old Taxi driver. And taxi job he may also do in Australia. We got 2 children ( 18 month old boy and 7 y old girl);- so the advantage in UK as taxi driver is that it is flexible and we dont have to pay for childcare as he is driving when I am at home from work. I know my husband will need to have Australian driving licence for 6 month to apply for Taxi licence,- but we will manage in the beginning.

My hubby says it is unrealistic to move,- as Australia got very strict visa rules and says Canada would be better as he got relatives there,- but one of the main reason why I want to live in Australia is good weather.

I am European living in the UK 5 years. I could apply for British passport this year, I am wondering is there any difference applying for visa with European or British passport?
Australian Immigration is a good decision for a balanced life and a quality professional life. The Healthcare system is an additional benefit for the applicants. It is the best land to grow your children in a healthy environment