How long I40 approval will take?

Pankaj Garg

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My biometric date was 4/25/2008
USCIS received application for 765 and 485 on 3/13/2008
USCIS received application for I40 on 10/10/2007

EAD approved on 5/12/2008...waiting for cards

Do you know how long will I40 approval will take? Should I be expecting something in 2 months?

Thank you


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I have filed my I-140 on 12/19/2006. Now they are processing March 22nd of 2007. I keep calling and they keep saying that they can not provide any information to beneficiary. Only lawyer can ask for information abt it. But my lawyer keeps saying that they called and they are saying the case is pending.

Anybody know what i can do to check the I-140 delay? I wish had made my I-140 premium in the beginning..been stingy and paying for it.


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Hi, I am in the same situation. My I-140 was filed on June 6, 2007 and I was expecting it to clear soon.(the dates have now moved to March 30, 2007). Now my 485 got filed in august 2007. I'm just waiting for the I-140 approval. Any idea what happens to 485 processing if the dates become current and I-140 is not approved?