Hello All, My friend has been given 3 years probation. Since his work visa was ending , judge sentence him that if he is out of US, his probation is suspended and if he returns back he has to serve his probation. He was sentenced in Atlanta, GA If he returns back to US (for work ) in any city other than Atlanta, how his probation will work? As per his PO advise, he has to visit Atlanta office immediately and his PO will initiate transfer process Couple of Questions here.

(a). Does this mean that he has to land in Atlanta if he is coming back to US or he can go to any other city and then visit Atlanta? (b). Until the transfer process is completed, can he go back to his work state (for e.g. California) and start working there until his transfer is approved? (c). I also read online that if we pay complete restitution of probation, early discharge of probation is possible. Is that true? He can pay full amount of probation.

Couple of Points

(a). He has been given Probation under Georgia's First Offender Act.

(b). He has taken written permission to leave the country from his P.O.

(c). He has given one drug test after the Probation Orientation and he didn't test positive.

(d). There are no other special conditions in his probation sentencing such as Community Service or DNA registration etc.

(e). He has paid full court fees (around $1500) before leaving USA

(f). He is not a Sex offender