How Do I Become a V-Nonimmigrant as the Spouse or Child of a U.S. Permanent Resident


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Hi I heard that USCIS has Visa policy for law-ful permanent resident Spouse or Child of a U.S. Permanent Resident who may apply at a U.S. consulate abroad for a V-1 or V-2 visa or seek V-1 or V-2 nonimmigrant status,if so can you pls. pass on the details as what how to apply for V-1 visa and what are all the documents we need and the time frame for the processing of the applications.

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Those who applied for immigration petition before 2000 or 2001(I forgot) is eligible to V visa.

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inquiring for my letter for interview

iam a winner of the dv2008 and i dont know when my case number will be available