How can I adopt a stateless child from abroad?


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I have been trying to find information on how to adopt the stateless Burmese children left in Thailand. I have talked to the Thai emabassy in America and the U.S. embassy in Thailand and Myanmar. I have talked to the Thai government agency that handles adoptions. I have e-mailed people from other countries that I read have tried to adopt and I am having no luck.

The children are not issued birth certificates, are not recognized in either Thailand or Myanmar(Burma) and so they are stuck in Limbo. I read that in the past Americans whom adopted stateless children were given travel papers for the kids and then took them to the states to adopt them there. But no one seems to know what I am talking about.

Also if the problem can be fixed by me living overseas for 2 years to fulfill the family visa requirements, well I am already living in South Korea with a son whom I did a private adoption to get. I can add another year or more to my stay. But I would still need travel papers to get the kid(s) out of Thailand and be recognized as my children to get a visa to S. Korea.

If anyone has any answers, please reply. Thankyou.