How can a Canadian PhD work in USA?


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I am currently studying toward my PhD degree in business. I would prefer to get a college or university to teach or research in USA after graduation. I can become a citizen of Canada if I want. But I do really want to know whether it is easy for me to get a faculty job with a Canadian PhD as a Canadian Permanent resident (Not Citizen). I do not want to become a citizen in Canada because I want to keep my home country's citizenship (that country does not accept dual citizenship).


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A Cdn can get a TN, which is the only "advantage" that Cdn citizenship would get you.

Otherwise, you can work in US just like all other foreign non-Cdn college and university professors, using other statuses like H1-B, or immigrating with EB2 or EB1 category.

Do a little reseach.

Stanley Hermosillo

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It shouldn't be too hard for you to get an H1B from a university, if, say, you were to become a postdoc researcher there. They will have people to help you through the process. I think your first step is to find prospective employers in USA.