Hold case/221G & Refusal/214B

Danielle H.

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My finace currently went on his interview on the 19th of Aug (in new delhi). When he called me giving me the very disappointing news. I did not know what to think about the whole situation. I did not know how can someone say that we aren't not in a real relationship. It was just beyond me in this way. I have called lawyers and they advised me the only thing I can do is go to India and marry him. I feel like there has to be a reason why they would not give us a straight answer regarding this.

In my attempt to get an answer, I have been to several web pages regarding the 221(g) which is considered to be a soft refusal and they are in need of more information. I am not sure what they need regarding this because they did inform my fiance to submit any further information.

Is there anything left for us to do?? Is there any hope regarding this visa being approved? My fiance received this following letter on the day of his interview.

"After reviewing the evidence provided by you, the consular officer has concluded that there is insufficient evidence of your intent to marry the petitioner within 90 days of arrival in the United State. You are therefore ineligible for a visa under Section 221 (G) of the immigration and nationality Act.

We are returning the petition to the National Visa Centre (NVC). Any further inquiries may be addressed to the approving United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office."

We also received these documentation of the interview transcript.

They gave his passport back without rejection stamp in it. I was told that if they will reject a visa that they will stamp his passport... Can I please get help and guidance in this issue?

Kris byers

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I am in similar situation my fiance went to consulate in Delhi today and received the exact same letter....he arrived for 9 am appt and at lunch they asked for his cell phone and made two random calls one was his Aunt that lives in same city as him and one was to a childhood friend. The line of questioning was to inquire if he was already married to someone in India. He has never been married and no kids. We have an attorney here in USA guiding us thru everything and did not expect this. So we are waiting our attorneys response to see what we can do next.....I am wondering should I go to India and marry him there.... would love to hear from others who have had same situation and how they overcame it and how long did it take?


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Hello. They did exactly the same to me last year July 2015.However, give another shoot to k1 visa as she got some compulsion to marry me in India. This time they just gave me white slip which however does not say 221g but says AP and state that the consulate will contact me as soon as the AP done. my petition is about to expire have and I still to notify about their final decision. Don't know if my petition will extend or not