Hi leyla!


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Hi leyla!
         I have read the messages posted by u to a no. of people.U have really collected lots of info regarding FPGEE and the internship which follows after!I am here in Los Angeles,CA.I am preparing to sit for FPGEE by this year end.Iam also attending the lectures given by Morris Cody Associates.The lectures r very helpful.At present,I am studying from the following books;1.comprehensive pharmacy review-leon shargel.2.Appleton & Lange.3.Pharmacy and US health care-Fincham.I came to US about 7 months back on H-4.I am rather worried if I can get hold of some Pharmacy to get my H-1 done.One of my friends has converted her visafrom H-4 to F-1 in the fear of not finding anyone to sponsor her.Do u think what she has done is OK?I am really confused about the no. of books I have to read to pass the exam.Could u please mail me .Bye!

Leyla Arkan

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Hi, siri,

I am on F-1 visa , too. I changed it from H-4. I just thought as your friend so just to make things in guarantee, I mean I don`t want to wait after if hopefully I pass the FPGEE. But, I was studying in SAn Diego. Last November moved to CHICAGO. So as to my knowledge , Between San Diego and Los Angeles there are nice cities like, Irvine, Huntington Beach. And I know pharmacies in this cities , were sponsoring people. So just as a feedback. So how many hours of Internship will be doing?
And also you said about Morris Associ. lectures, I did not kow that they were also giving lectures all I knew was, they were sending you books, which I bought and felt like very useful. So Can you please tell us about these lecturers. ?
And also it seems like we all use the same books to study, and I hope, we will all be succefull in this exam. I hope God will always be with us with our nice goals to work in an occupation that is good for Human health.

Best wishes,


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Hi! I am new to this forum,found it useful and interesting.I got my AA no is January this year.Could you give me an idea about how many months of preperation should be sufficient?Is Morris Cody helpfull for the preperation?Where can I get it.I have Leon Shargel\'s CPR,is it good enough?I hope you could help me with my questions.How can we change H4 to F1?What is the advantage doing so?




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Hi Leyla,

I understand that you are the best person to answer my question.

Actually,my fiancee is pursuing her third year B.Pharmacy in India and will be completing her degree next year.So,I\'m really bit confused in bringing her here in the midst of her B.Pharm.

I really appreciate your advise in this matter.Is it a good idea to wait until she completes her degree or, bring her here now and continue Pharm.D here in US.I think most foreign transfer students will have four years of full-time study before they receive their Pharm.D.

But,studying 4 years again to get just Pharm.D would be very expensive and it\'s a quite long period.Instead,wait until she completes her B.Pharm and she can go for M.S in Pharmacy once she comes here.

I would also ike to know which has more demand(Pharm.D or M.S)
in terms of jobs in US

Since I\'m a Sofware person and I\'m not much aware of these things so,I really appreciate your advise on this.

Thanks in Advance