Help! What do you think is going on??


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So confused and worried. My husband and I have been married for four years. Finally sent off his I 485 with pics and money order on February 23, 2011. Recieved it back on March 4th as REJECTED. After calling the Service center and speaking with 3 supervisors they finally figured out I had checked BOX B instead of Box A on the I485. They sent me absolutely everyting back...the money,pictures,even the envelope I sent to them.
So I sent everything back on March 5th,they got it on March 9th and still NOTHING, no text no email, and I just called my bank who states they haven't even cashed my money order...what do you think is going on? I see on here that everyone gets there NOA almost immediately. I am freaking out...even more than my hubby who this is all for:(

Here's my time timeline (2nd time around)

3/5/11---Sent Package certified mail to chicago Office
3/9/11---Package signed for in Chicago
3/22/11---TODAY---and still nothing, NO NOA and check still not cashed:(