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I have a question. i'm 36 years old. I work for a global organisation in Europe as the European Procurement Manager. The organisation asked me if I would want to go and work for them in the US. I showed my interest. In my private life I'm engaged and a father of one child. My partner has a child from her first marriage. we are all Polish citizens.I'm only interested if we could relocate to the US together. The organisation said they would want me to come in the mid of 2021. Please advise what steps should we take. Thanks


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Your partner and her child will not be eligible for your work visa as your derivatives if you’re not married. Your child will be eligible. Your partner and her child (assuming the child is under 18) becomes eligible after you get married.


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Not sure how old the children are, but one thing to consider is their plans after high school around the age of 18.
If you are on L1 and your spouse and children would be on L2 status. (assuming you get married)
In grade school (1 to 8) and high school (8 to 12) no issues being on L2.
Between age 18 and 21 some Colleges and Universities consider students on L2 status as "out of state" are are required to pay the higher tuition.
Once your children reach age 21, they "age out" and must leave the US or switch to F1 status if a full time student (and must pay out of state tuition).

Also note, a child on L2 status cannot work in the US. Even a lowing paying part time job in high school or college is not allowed.

Not sure if the offer to work in US in 2021 includes an offer to Green Card sponsorship, but you can certainly ask.

Not sure how long you plan to work in US. It may be difficult for your children to return to Europe once they reach 21.
Thank your replay. There is a lot of things to consider. As far as it stands today I have been approved by the president of the company. the case base been passed to the legal team to find out the whole procedure. I think it is worth asking the questions related to issues you mentioned below. is the side note we wanted to stay there permanently. is there anything like permanent residency?