Help please !!!!!


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I am an amateur singer who has had an american label interested in carrying my cds (this is my first cd, and i've never been paid for my music before). They intend on having me appear on shows on radio and tv nationally, and to do press, both by doing interviews and performing.

Help please!! I've read tons of websites and i have no clue still what visa i qualify for??

Would i qualify to do interviews and perform for national tv shows under a B1 visa, since i am still an "amateur" singer? Or am i NOT an amateur just because a major label is carrying my cd? If i am not an amateur, then what visa would i need?

I don't fit the P and O visa because this is my first cd ever, and i have NOT been performing for a year, i have no critical acclaim yet, and i don't have a group either. So i am very lost!

Please, please advise!! I've read and perused so many sites that i am just tired and confused, please help me!!