Help needed for my GC Application


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I have applied my GC (Labor Certification) through one employer \'XYZ\', and

I working for him on a H1B right now. My client \'ABC\' wants me to join them
if I want continue on the project so I will have to get my H1 transferred to
my client \'ABC\' for 3-4 months and
WILL BE ON THEIR PAYROLL and WILL NOT GET SALARY from my present employer
but my present employer \'XYZ\' has promised to continue with my H1B.

so during that time I will get a new project and am planning to switch back
to my present employer \'XYZ\' before I apply for the GC second stage (I140).
I wanted to know if this is going to cause any problems for me in my GC
application. As I was told that in the last stage of GC (I485 or Consular processing)
I will require to submit my W2\'s for the whole year.
So had questions if this gap in the salary from my present employer XYZ and
the Two W2\'s is going to cause problems for me in my last stage
(I485 or Consular processing)

Please help me if anybody can provide me information regrading this.

I really appreciate your help.



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Not a problem

Labor certs are theoretically based on the offer of a FUTURE job with a company -- where you\'re working now is only marginally relevant.

Just make sure you have a good lawyer and all your paperwork in order, as of course it\'s much more normal these days to be working for the company as an H-1 already.

But what you\'re doing is 100% legal, so don\'t worry.