Help Indian Passport Damaged (What to do)


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I had sent my passport to Indian Consulate for renewal. They sent it back via UPS who just left it outside my house porch. I was out of town and it rained heavily yesterday. THerefore the new UPS package got some water inside it.

The passport is not too bad and everything is readable. I did not see any soggy text at all. Hopwever I did notice that the laminate is slightly coming out of the edge (very slight) in the front. I can see the very small gap (maybe 1-2 mm) between the blue cover and the plastic laminate of the first page.

Should I try to get another duplicate passport made or will this one work fine. I am going to India (for the first time in 7 years) and I have the Plastic Green Card. However I dont want to get into any trouble or get stuck due to damaged passport.

Gurus: Please let me know what I should do.