Help H4 to F1

I am currently on H4 status, and I am a student in college, I recently got a summer job offer in college. The problem is that I don't have a social security number for work. Is there a way for me to convert to F1 or H1 status and get permission to work in college. Also if I can convert how long is it going to take to convert to F1 or H1 visa because my job starts in 1 month.
Hi all,

I too have a question regarding H4 vs F1.
I am starting school this fall on h4. I will be paying instate tuition as a resident. My question is - If I convert to F1 after a semester to be able to work , would I still be considered to be a resident and hence pay only the instate tuition?

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Has anyone done COS recently? How long did it take? I know the official word is 2-3 months, but my wife needs it quickly for a GA position. Is it possible to get it much quicker than that?