Help: A friend needs to sponser his brothers and sisters without sponsering his fathe


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I have a friend who is a Canadian landing immigrant. He has a reasonable IT job and he needs to sponser his brothers and sisters. His mother passed away several years ago and his father got re-married and is not interested in living with his brothers and sisters. Can anyone please let me know how a landed immigrant can sponser his brothers and sisters (all minors) in his home country without sponsering his parents. I heard that its not possible to sponser brothers and sisters without sponsering parents since they are the principal applicants.

Any help is appreciated.

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This is a difficult case, as his brother and sister are all out alone, they might come under orphaned relatives, better seek advice from some good Immigration laywer in Canada.


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Canada is a very fair state and with a heart.I have noticed that again and again. The key is 'extreme hardship'. Use that phrase and watch doors open. Your friend has a genuine case and it will be under Humanitarian grounds. Use a good lawyer and he will get it done.