Health insurance options for a new immigrant (above 65 years) after recent health care law changes


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Kindly let me the different health insurance options for a new immigrant who is 65+ years old.
In light of numerous changes in the health care law. I want to understand different healthcare options for new old age immigrants (> 65 years old).



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Read this:

Legal permanent residents who have lived here for less than five years. Legal permanent residents with incomes up to 400 percent below the federal poverty level can qualify for subsidized health care coverage. Those who have been in the country less than five years do not qualify for Medicaid.
Then access the marketplace and enter relevant info. Tip: I tried this a few times, entering age and various levels of incomes.
As far as I understand, you need to have a minor level of income in order to qualify for what's called 'advanced tax credits' which can be deducted directly from the monthly premiums. When I entered 0 (nil) for income, the resulting premiums did NOT offer any tax credits, so the standard premiums were shown.

Needless to say, that premiums without any tax credits are extremely expensive and deductibles ridiculous (up to $6,000 to $8,000 per annum.

Lack of affordable health insurance (even or especially under the "Affordable Care Act") is one of a few real downsides of living in the USA.

Wishing you all the best.


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Thanks for your reply.

When looking for health care options at -
for my parent, I have followung questions:

1). What should i put under this question - Is employer coverage available to anyone in this household?
My family (wife and kids) has employer based coverage, but does this apply to my sponsored new immigrant parent ?

2). What should i put under this question - How many people are in your household?
Do i include my family members when shopping for health insurance for my parent on website?

3). Last question on website is - What is your household's expected income for 2014?
Should i include my income ?

Thanks for all your help !