Health Insurance for visiting family members


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My parents (non US citizens and non GC holders) are going to visit here in USA. Can you get Short term health insurance for them? If yes then from where? and how much it cost. Does it cover pre-existing conditions? I would really appreciate if someone has experience with this issue.

What kind of insurance do they need? travel insurance or short term health insurance. In general travel insurance has to do with airline ticket, hotel or luggages etc. But there are travel insurance which also cover medical situations.

They can buy health insurance from their country but I am not sure if this covers much as it is mostly symbolic (like max. coverage is like $1000 which would not even cover ER visit!).


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Well, it totally depends on what their domestic health insurance is. When I lived elsewhere my normal health insurance plan worked for traveling too (and I did get totally reimbursed for an ER admission in the US while traveling).
There is usually also some health insurance included via the travel insurance from the credit card you use to pay for the air ticket. Check the terms of that policy, the actual coverage will probably depend on the tier of the card (you’ll get better via platinum than basic card for example) and it is probably limited to a certain length of time. If that is insufficient and if their domestic health insurance won’t provide proper coverage then they can get top-up travel health insurance. There is no one answer to all your questions eg about pre-existing conditions, it depends what you buy. I believe such top-up insurance is usually purchased through a provider in the traveler’s home country. Obviously the more you want covered, the higher the premium will be.