Have not received SSN even after 8 Weeks


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Hi! I came to US on Feb 19, 2005 and applied for my SSN on Feb 22,2005. After 2 weeks i went to SSN office to check the status of my application as the other person who applied along with me got the SSN and i did not. They informed me that the DOB entered at the Port of Entry was wrong and they wanted me to confirm my Correct DOB. I have shown all the documents i was carrying with me and i had a consistent DOB on all of them. Then they said they will be sending the same to immigration for verification. Now its 6 weeks after that i have not heard anything from them. Even today i went to SSN office to verify, they have rudely said that they have no information on my case and gave the Immigration address 970, Broad Street, Newark to check with. I called the immigration office for appointment, the customer officer at Immigration said she cannot disclose any information to me and going there was of no use as they would liasing only with SSN office. Now i am stuck like i dont what to do. I had to with draw from the job offers (to be frank i had to let go 3 confirmed job opportunities as i do not have SSN). I do not have a Bank account, Driving License and i came here with my family.
I dont know what to do if none of the concerned departments do not disclose any thing to me.

Pls. let me know what i can do to expedite my case status.

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Kiran S Linga


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Hi Mahesh!

No, They say what can be done! So I am really confused on this issue. Is there anything we could do!


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I guess the date of birth in the passport is the important information they will look at. Which state are you in?

Instead of going directly to the SSN office, try calling the 1-800 toll free number and speak with the customer service. See what response you get from the customer service.

Kumara Babu

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Hi Kiran,

Did you get your SSN finally ? It has been 6 weeks now since I applied for SSN and they say it is pending for home land security verification. So thought of checking of you did something finally to get your SSN ?

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