Has anyone ever been asked for re-FingerPrint


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Please share your experieces.. I just gave the finger print but it seems there were lot of cuts in the prints and the office told me that I might be asked to take a reprint????????

Please advice. Thanks!


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Please help!

Hi folks,
I have 2 urgent questions and I would really appreciate if you
can answer these for me. My employer is planning to use a preapproved labor
for me and I need to make a decision by the end of this week.

1.He plans to file I-140 from Texas since he claims the labor application
was applied from Florida SWA and Atlanta DOL. Immediately after receiving the I-140 receipt#, he plans to file I-485 from California since he says I reside
in California. He says that this would still be considered a concurrent I140/I485
application. Is it possible to file I-140 from
Texas and then I1485 from California??? Also would this be of any advantage
to me given the fact that I140 & 485 are very slow in Texas but I485 is
pretty fast in the California Service center.

2.Second question...the substitute labor was applied sometime in June 2002
from Florida SWA and approved sometime in June 2003,
would my labor application filing date be my Priority date or would the date of filing my own I140-485 be my priority date?

Please advise...


Please help!
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