Hand Written Indian Passport - Renewal/I-94 date

Currently I am having Indian passport, which is 20 year Hand written (non-MRP passports) which expires on 2017. As per the Government rule, this Hand written (non-MRP passports) will not valid after 25th November 2015. I have planned for a Vacation to India trip from 1st August 2015 and returning back on September 1st week 2015.
While entering/returning to India/USA (Port of Entry-Immigration) at that time my Indian passport is less than six months period as on 25th November 2015 (Government rule).

1. Is there any problem in immigration in US (Port of Entry) or entry/leaving in India Security Check at airport?

2. In US (Port of Entry) If they accepted, what will my I-94 expiry date in my passport?

3. Only 10 days in between my travel, Can i get Pre approval next week from chicago Indian consulate to renewal by applying thru Tatkaal?

Thanks a ton. Experts please reply(help) me.