H4EAD to H1 Conversion Based on I-140 Approval


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I have around 3 months of time left on my 6 years of h1b max out and recently my i-140 got approved with employer A ,working with him on H4-EAD and he didn't hold my H1B in the past and its been more than 6 months since my I-140 was approved. My employer will revoke the I-140 once i left the company A

Q1:I have valid H4-EAD for 1 year, Can I change employer B now and work for 1 year in H4 EAD then Convert H4-H1 based on the approved I-140 from employer A ?
Q2:If employer A revokes I-140 now , Can I use that for converting H4-H1 EAD after 1 Year?
Q3:I believe the beneficiary can use the approved I-140 for any ext, transfer any time in the future after 6 months irrespective of employer revokes or not .whether it got approved in H4EAD or H1 status ?


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You are OK to file H1B extension or change of H1B empoyers or H4 EAD even if employer withdraws I-140 since it is more than 180 days of its approval.