H4EAD as L-1A expired. Impact on i140-(still in-process) and i485


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Hello sir, I looked at all your earlier responses given to others, they are very helpful. I need some clarification on below

I joined back to same employer and same position (same client as well) on H4-EAD in Dec (on spouse H1/i140) as L-1A expired (Dec) and i140 EB1 (submitted/yet to be approved) was filed in Jul 2019 by my current employer. I saw in one of your response that we need to maintain H1/L1 status while i485 is being filed but with the way the EB1 priority dates, it would be difficult to maintain L1A status (and we can't even extend as H1's do if i140 approved) but atleast we can continue on H4EAD or work from India. My question are as follows
1. What will be the impact on i140 processing (Current Processing timelines shows Feb 2019) while we are on H4 EAD.
2. Whats impact on i485 if we still continue on H4 EAD and i140-EB1 gets approved while on H4EAD.
3. Do we have to be on H1/L1 when we file i485 (dates are not current to apply) or if we can maintain same role in India or work in US with H4EAD will that be ok? I heard there is option for counselor appointment as well to get EAD from India.
4. can we file i485 (when it is current) while i140 is in-process(submitted/pending review)? I heard there is no more concurrent filling, is that Correct?

What are your other recommendations.

Thanks in advance for your response.