H4 Visa on HOLD at CHENNAI consulate... HELP NEEDED!!!! URGENTLY

My wife\'s H4 visa is on hold at the Chennai Consulate. The only reason they mentioned is Administrative Processing... They are supposed to get back to us but that did not happen till now. The visa was applied (thru drop box) on the 1st of April.

My visa on the passport is valid till 2003 and the employer laid off. I had the H4 applied on my new employer\'s H1 along with the recent Paystubs.

Does anyone know how to proceed on this.... PLEASE HELP.
H4 on hold at Calcutta

I have applied for H4 for my wife at Calcutta consulate On march 21st. It is still on hold on account of administrative processing. Urgent help needed.

I meant to find out what needs to be done in such a situation. I am happy that I posted it here \'coz I was able to get a picture of what\'s going on and how long the procedure is taking.

If you do not have much to say it is better to keep quite than asking SMART questions... Thanx