h4 to f1 COS with only 3 classes left to graduate


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I am on h4 and have been admitted into masters program in 2005. I have been doing classes half time and now I have registered for 2 classes in summer and have only 1 class left for Fall semester. program requirements are to clean up all classes and have only the last exit class for the last semester.

And I will be eligible to file intent to graduate in June.
In the meantime we have learned that husbands H1 will be canceled in early July.

Is it possible for me to file now for change of status into F1 with only 1-3 classes left to graduate?

I only need F1 status till the end of december of 2009. After that I will be moving to Europe. If F1 is possible for less than a year I would stay and get my degree.

anyone's advice is welcome...