H4 to F1 Conversion


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I am currently on H4 visa and studying in well reputed University in US and looking to apply for F1 visa at US consulate in Canada. These days H4 to F1 change of status takes a year or so in US so I want to go to US consulate in Canada for F1 stamping. My wife had applied for H4 EAD for me a month ago which is still in process. However, I want to convert my H4 to F1 and complete my study as full time student. I wanted to check whether first I should send cancel request to USCIS to cancel my request for H4 EAD or I can simply go for F1 interview at US consulate in Canada while my H4 EAD is in process?
Please help me with this.


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The F1 process does not "interfere" with the H4 EAD process, so both can proceed simultaneously. However ,once you get F1, you must decide if you wish to continue on F1 or go back to H4 or H4 EAD. You would write a letter to the service center handling your H4 EAD requesting it be cancelled.

Why do you want to change to F1? H4's are allowed to go to school, as you are, and H4 EADs are allowed to do whatever they wish, so I'm not sure what the interest in F1 is?

And F1 is not dual intent, so if your spouse wants to proceed with GC, you may need to go back on H4 at some point. seems like a waste of time and effort to change to F1, and not have EAD to boot.


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The only possible reason I can think of for preferring F1 to H4 is planned separation from spouse. Otherwise as nelsona says, it’s a puzzling choice.