H4 stamping interview of my wife in her country Fiji


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Wife's H4 stamping interview - Photocopy of I-539 wud be accepted?

Me and my wife are switchedover to H1-H4 visa since Oct 2008.
While she gone for a vacation in her home country Fiji, I have recently got approval for my new H1 transfer process. I am expecting to receive my H1 (I-129) and her H4 (I-539) approval notices in couple of days. My wife is planning to attend her H4 stamping interview in Fiji soon.( as previous employer's stamping is expired)

I have got following questions for her interview :

1) Please confirm the Documents needed :
-copy of current Employment verification letter
-Copies of my last 3 payslips ( one from Current employer and 2 from the previous)
-Copy of my H1B (I-129) and her Original H4 approval notice(I-539)
-Her passport & copy of I-94 (previous employer's)
- Marriage certificate (original)

Is there anything else required like bank statements etc?

2) As there is a very little time left out before her US consulate interview, she might not receive the Original hardcopy of her I-539 H4 approval notice that I will courier to her. Can she just carry the photocopy instead??

Please reply back as early as possible!!
Thanks a lot.
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