H4 Stamping after CoS and H4 EAD approval


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I entered US on H4 in 2015 and never traveled back to India till date (no other stamping is done on my visa). I changed my visa status from H4 to F1. Currently, working on F1 OPT extension. In October this year, we have filed for Change of status from F1 to H4 and H4 EAD concurrently based on my husband's H1B via his current employer (say employer A). He is starting his new job with employer B from December 3rd. He also have his employer B I-797.
Now, I am planning for India's trip once my CoS is approved and H4 EAD is received.

Do I need to go for H4 Visa stamping interview even after CoS apporval ? & Will my H4EAD remain valid after H4 visa stamping?

Additionally, CoS approval from employer A and current employer of my husband would be B at the time of stamping. Will this impact anything visa or EAD??


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You don't need to go for stamping interview unless you need to step out of & re-enter USA. Once you leave country after filing change of status from F1 to H4 will be abandoned. You need to wait until you hear decision on change of status from F1 to H4 OR go straight to US consulate based on your spouse's H-1B approval notice & get H4 visa stamping.


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I would not alter my travel plans just to wait for H4 COS or EAD. If you leave US before your H4 COS is approved, yes, the COS will be abandoned, but your H4 EAD will simply be pending. An RFE will be issued, and you will satisfy it by coming back to US with H4 status.

You will obtain H4 visa either with spouses H1-B approval (or with H4 approval if approved before departure) and enter US with that visa and same paperwork. then you will wait for your H4 EAD.
Your H4 is dependent on your spouse having H1 -- any H1, so don't worry about which H1 you used to apply for H4 COS.