H4 Pending + H1B Transfer + Biometric Invite


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I work for company A and I filed H1B and H4 (Spouse and Child) extensions. My H1B extension got approved. H4 extensions are pending. H4 dependents stay is valid now though their last approved extension period ended as my dependents new extension cases are pending with USCIS.

Now I got offer to join new company B and I am planning to file H4 extensions along with H1B transfer.

But today i got invite letter from USCIS for biometric appointment for dependents for the H4 extension petitions filed before. But, When I go for the biometric appointment I would have resigned this job.

Please advise what is best in this situation.

1. As we are going to file new H4 petitions, can we miss the biometric interview? if we miss, will their stay in USA after their last approved period would be considered unlawful or create any issue in new petition?

2. can can go for biometric appointment with old petition and parallelly can we file new h4 extension petitions with new employer?

3. Or should We go to biometric appointment with pending petition and file new h4 extensions only after receiving approvals/denial for pending H4 extensions?

4. When i resigned a job with Employer A while going for biometric- is correct?