H4 for newborn child


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With current executive order on visa ban is there a way i can get h4 visa or any other visa for my newborn baby born in india this month?
Husband,self& elder son have h1b,h4&h4 valid visa respectively.Due to covid travel ban i got stucked here in india with kid and husband still in usa n had to deliver our 2nd baby india.
In addition ,Our GC (eb3 category) done with perm processing and I 140 need to apply. Does adding baby name without a visa help us ?


Yes, but without any visa still is he gonna get the approval and can he travel to usa?
The I-140 approval is only for you (the principal). It means that USCIS believes that the job is eligible to be filled by an immigrant worker and you meet the requirements for the job. Admissibility is not evaluated at the I-140 stage.

Nevertheless, as it says in the instructions, you must list all children.


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The State Department announced that they may give limited exceptions to spouses and children of H/J/L holders who are not subject to the ban, so your newborn might be able to get an H4 visa.