H4 Extension ? Transfer ? New H4


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My current employer filed my H1 extension. It is approved and should receive the notice in a week or 2. I did apply H4 extension for my partner based on this H1. While appIying for this H4 extension on USCIS website, I didn't see an option to reference my H1b petition #. Nevertheless USCIS scheduled a fingerprinting session but cancelled due to the pandemic.

I have a new employer who filed another H1b(extension) who I hope to join soon.


a) Should I apply for another H4 extension based on my future employer's H1B?

b) Will there be any conflict/denial if we apply for H4 extension a second time?


There's no such thing as an H-4 transfer. As long as you maintain H-1 status, your spouse will automatically maintain H-4 status until his I-94 expires.

Most likely there is no need to file a second H-4 extension while the first one is still pending. The only reason to do so would be if the period of time requested on the first extension is about to expire.