H4 EAD Change of status outside USA


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Here is a scenario for my wife. My wife applied for H4 and EAD from F-1 status since her H1-B didn't get picked in 3 attempts.

USCIS approved H4EAD for future date(2 months from now) and she will be travelling outside US next week(in F-1 status) and plan to return after 3 months.
During her stay outside US, H4 status date(Change of ststus from F-1) will kick in. So my question is, Can she still be able to seamlessly transition to H4 EAD from F-1 OPT, being outside US and work continuously without interruption outside US? Or she needs to come to US on H4, then only he H4 status will be active and then H4EAD will be activated?

I hope to hear some solution for this.